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Grapeland City Councilman Aaron Wade Pennington, 30, was arrested on charges of child pornography by the Texas Attorney General’s Office on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. According to local authorities, Pennington was arrested on a warrant and his home was searched during the evening hours. According to a press release from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, the warrant was issued after the evidence brought forth from their investigation was presented to District Judge Pam Fletcher.

Pennington was booked into the Houston County Jail and released on bonds totaling $100,000 on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

He has been charged with two counts of Possession of Child Pornography and two counts of Possession with Intent to Promote Child Pornography. Possession of Child Pornography is a Third Degree Felony, if convicted of this charge, an individual could receive two to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Intent to Promote Child Pornography is a Second Degree Felony. If convicted of this charge, an individual could receive two to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

This case is to be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office by the Attorney General’s Office to be presented to the grand jury.

As in all cases, Pennington is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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  1. Wonder why headlines did not read Owner of RP Feeds, President of Grapeland Chamber of Commerce or Organist for First Methodist Church?

  2. For Justwondering…..You know let the first person with out sin cast the first stone. Everyone knows who he is, there’s no sense and trying to drag down and start crap and gossip, there’s already gonna be enough of that. So just let the justice system do what it’s gonna do and please quit trying to sling mud.

    • For Alysia Davis: I agree with you that none of us are perfect. I do. You know, it is for reasons such as these that this man has been in hot water before. And I assure you there are more that have not spoken out. It is because of the simple mindedness of the people of this town that it got covered up the last time. It shouldn’t be hidden in the shadows. I will not make remarks against anyone personally, but I say let the word spread. I have been crucified in that petty little town because of hearsay and opinionated stupid people that reside there. People that know nothing about me yet made judgements based on unfactual comments from people and families with the same stature as the family he comes from. The select few “up scale and socially perfect” families there use their glorified images to hide their imperfections and use their money to buy their way out of the frying pan. I feel sorry for the embarassment that family will endure from this though. They have been through enough with the loss of a child. I wish that on no parent. However, I can honestly say that I would not want a person of this nature anywhere near my child and neither would any other parent who truly loves their children. I’m glad that he is exposed for what he is. A person who gets by with these things, over time, will only push the thresholds of their lust to the limits beyond the normal persons wildest dreams only to inflict damage upon one or more lives that could be permanently instilled. I only mean that there is no sense in the idea that anybody should be shielded by their family’s last name or social status in hicktown USA. I certainly wouldn’t be and, most likely, neither would you. Just a thought.

      • I grew up in Grapeland and worked there for several years and it was common knowledge what Mr. Pennington was like. The young kids…those under the age of 16 were the ones that filled me in.Just do not forget that there are real children in the pictures. They live,breathe, and hurt. They are the victims not Mr. Pennington. Just imagine this as your child, grandchild, or brother or sister….He deserves to go to jail and to have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life….however in Houston Co you are never informed that they live next to you unless you have internet access. This is an outrage!!!!

  3. For “Just Wondering”, wouldn’t it be aweful for your secret struggles to be on the Headlines when you wake in the morning for your hometown to see? We will all have to answer to our heavenly Father for the strongholds we’ve allowed Satan have in our personal and public lives. Please pray for the ones who are hurting…

    • Are you kidding me?! “Secret Struggles”? Really?! That is what people are saying about this? I’m sorry, but there is a reason that these types of crimes are regarded as the most heinous by our legal system and by our society as a whole. No child should ever have to suffer at the hands of a predator. I am certainly all for a fair and honest debate and allowing someone to have a fair chance to defend themselves in open court, but I am sorry, this is not something that can be cast off as a “secret struggle” akin to sneaking candy bars at night or hiding a drinking problem from your friends and family.

      I used to be proud to say I am from Grapeland, even though I have suffered the ridicule and hushed whispers that come from being different in a small town. But I must admit that I am somewhat taken aback by many of the comments I have seen posted here in defense of the things Aaron has been accused of in this case. As a child and through most of my adolescence I was also a personal friend of Aaron’s. I am sad for him and for his family, and even more so for whatever victims there may be in this case. That sorrow however does not change the facts or the reality of the situation.

      The sad truth of the matter is that if someone had gotten him the help that he needed long ago this could have all been avoided. I am disappointed in myself that I did not reach out to someone I once called friend when I learned of his past transgressions, in an effort to help him deal with something that is so obviously wrong. I too became caught up in the rumor and gossip that is typically so prevalent in a small town. The guilt that comes from turning a blind eye however is no excuse for sweeping something like this under the rug because you are too afraid to admit your own role in what has happened.

      I wish that in the few times that I have seen Aaron since we graduated that I had had the strength to talk to him about the things I’ve heard. I wish that I could have done something to help him find the kind of help that may have prevent something like this from occurring. And I wish that someone I know, and who I believe to be a person who genuinely wants to make Grapeland a better place were not caught up in something so terrible and tragic. That, however, continues to be my wish.

      I do not cast stones, but I am also unwilling to overlook the fact that the allegations here are serious and have very serious repercussions for many lives and for the community of Grapeland. I pray that the allegations are more serious than the reality of the facts, And if in fact the allegations are true, I pray that my friend will find peace in finally being able to seek the help that he needs openly in the light of day and with the support of friends and loved ones instead of having to hide his illness from the world in solitude. But more than anything, I pray that the people of the city of Grapeland will take this opportunity to look at themselves as well as others, and find the strength to do what is right.

      To Aaron and his family, I would just like to say how terribly sorry I am, and that I can only hope for the best possible outcome of this situation, and offer my support and prayers that you may all find peace, in what ever form it comes. Though I am certain the hour appears dark, and the road ahead is most certain to be a difficult one, this is a critical moment in each of your lives that is filled with as much opportunity as it is tribulation. It is my sincerest hope that you find the support that you need and the strength to face the difficult choices ahead.

      For the rest of the community that has so obviously taken to this forum. It is easy to hide behind a keyboard and the anonymity of the Internet and fire barbs at those less fortunate, but it is a far braver thing to do so in open with your name at the top of the posting. There but for the Grace of God go you or I, and to cast judgement on others without a willingness to have that same judgement cast upon yourself is an act of shear cowardice of which all should be ashamed.

  4. How the hell can his parents get him out of jail KNOWING the sh*t he’s done???? How can they have anything to do with him???? thats just pathetic on their behalf!!!

    • I’m just wondering if you have children?? If you do then you how can you say something like that about parents?? Though I agree that the things he has done are repulsive and he should NEVER be aloud out of jail around any children, as a parent I know that a parents love never stops and they should never be called pathetic for being their for him. I am sure they are saddened and embarressed by this and don’t agree with what he has done but they love the sinner, hate the sin!!!

  5. Ok Folks. It’s not up to us to judge. That’s God thing. Secondly quit bashing on the family. This Human is not above anything, just like you’re not and neither am I. His parents did the best they could with him and he’s an adult and he made the choices. I’m not saying it’s right because it isn’t, I’m just saying shut your mouths there’s no sense in the small town hypocrasy to brought in. As before Let the First One WITHOUT SIN cast the first stone. Third of All as a Parent of a Victim I don’t go around bashing the Human who done what was done, nor do I go around bashing this person’s family, filing charges, going through what my child and nieces and nephew had to go through was tough, it was even tougher on the other person’s family, what was done was not done to hurt or bash or sling mud, it was done so that all parties involved could get help and learn from mistakes. My family has put up with ridicule and every imaginable thing possible due to the choices that one individual has made, but I say Forgiveness is Favor in the Lord’s eye. Last but not least my mother is married to a Pennington, has been for the last 18 years and those people are just like everyone else, they work for what they have, they give back to the community, they’ve always been gracious to me, my siblings and my children. No one is perfect, no one is with out sin, no one is trying to cover up anything. You never really no everything about someone no matter how close you are to them, how you are kin to them etc. Thank You D Dub, you summoned it. I have and I will always stand for Justice, but I also stand for Compassion, Chances, Benefit of the Doubt (people can change), Helping other people. I’m from Houston County, I am proud of that fact, but it is clannish and there is too much time on people’s hands if they can’t sweep under their own door step before they sweep under someone elses. Again Let me Remind you, What is done in Darkness Shall Be Brought to Light and it don’t need no one bashing. If all the allegations are true, then there are things that will happen and things he will have to do and the PUBLIC will be notified or the information will be made to the public. God Bless Ya’ll and Thank Goodness I live in a different county now where very few actually know me and I can live a Peaceful Drama Free Life.

  6. To Kill Perverts: Get a Life. First of all I hope like all get out you are never put into a stituation that would make you have to bail out a loved one. Answer me this: how come there are people out there that have been abused, yet they still love their abusers, How come there are women and men out there that have suffered some form of abuse, yet they still love the ones doing it to them. It’s human nature. It’s forgiveness, it’s wanting the best of people to come out……..May God Have Mercy on your small mindedness.

    • Alysia, these children did not love their abuser and they sure did not ask for this abuse!!!!! Let’s think about the victims!!!! They did not deserve this!! Yes, he will be judged by God, but if there were no judgement on earth, then look at how many victims there would be. Would you actually be so forgiving if your kids, all four of them, were abused by this man or any “human”?

      • First of all I have 5 children, Second of all you must know me. Third of all if you truly knew me, you would also know that One of my children,a niece and a nephew were victims of this type of abuse. Fourth of all I DID NOT in NO shape form or fashion say I condoned this. I do not. I do however believe in Justice here on earth, I believe that if these allegations are true (and they probably are, I do not know this for a fact, so therefore, I will treat this like the Justice system was intended you know “Innocent until proven guilty” Fifth, Let me get one other thing clear….what was done to my child,niece,nephew hurt, not only them but my family, it impacted all that was involved, what my children went through was as horrible as what the offender’s family went through and what the “offender” is going through to this day. That is one of the reasons we moved. My oldest son got into fights for taking up for his sister and got into trouble for it, other kids riduculed my daughter for coming forth. But for everything we went through, I forgave. So don’t go spouting off at me about the victims…been there done that.


    • I agree about most of what you’ve said but however……the watermelons are planted in grapeland and surrounding areas because they have a field next door to my house…..but I do know for a fact they hire illegals to pick the watermelons and they dont pay their taxes either!! but this isnt about the family I just dont see WHY they would want to bail out such a loser….it doesn’t make any sense to me….he did the crime he should have to pay the time!

  8. Oh Please. Why are you trying to make this about the family. You should get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and just grow up and quit. None of you Talkers That want to be heard even have enough Nuts on you to Put down your real name. So quit trying to hide and say nasty things. Don’t Talk the Talk if You Can’t Walk The Walk.

  9. Alysia..I’m not here to bash his family or ridicule him,,,and yes,I’ve sinned plenty.But let’s not lose fact of what’s gone on here..we’re talking about Federal officers procurring a warrant (most likely from internet/cell phone tracking) and arresting him for having and attempting to distribute CHILD PORN..this is sick and a danger to everyone in Grapeland and Houston County..it needs to be exposed,not swept under the rug in the name of forgiveness…
    Jesus also told us to obey mans’ laws too,Alysia..I pray for all involved and who knows,maybe it will turn out okay,but in the meantime,Kudos to this website for having the balls to print the truth…I,and my 5 year old grandson thank you.

    • AMEN! i completely agree with this!! you are so right!!! and to think…..they said in a previous message that the reporter of this is related to him?? wow! she must feel the same way about it as alot of other people! I refuse to take my nephews out in public anywhere near grapeland or houston county anymore when i have them for the weekend or even the coming summer! I’ll drive to tyler! I’d rather risk not knowing someone’s a perverted son of a **** than knowing it and wanting to shove my foot up his ass everytime i see him from now on!! oh wait but he might like that…….after all rumor is that he’s also into guys…..who knows….who cares but I’m sure as hell not going anywhere near him anymore….I used to buy feed from RP feed in grapeland but I refuse to anymore! I’d rather pay Delberts prices at the feed store in town than go near a pedofile!!

    • I agree, there are alot of things in Houston County that needs to be exposed and I do believe that if a crime as serious as this happens, I think the offender should pay to the highest extent of the law.

  10. the only person judging anybody is you ms davis. by saying and getting on everybody else for their opinions you come off as a snotty judging ****. what this man has done is sick. he has committed a crime and should be held accountable. because of his name, it is a big conspiracy. they are rich and have always been able to throw money at their problems and get away with whatever they have done. so quit judging everyone else and let them form their own opinions. I for one was not fortunate enough to have a big name in grapeland so I know what it’s like on the outside. and I am so freaking glad I’m out of that stupid town with all the little cliques. just sayin. the man is gonna have to pay for what he has done to those poor little babies. and unfortunately, it’s up to the men here on earth to judge him for his crimes. he will be judged in heaven also. so will the rest of us. but somebody has got to stand up for these little kids that have been effected by this. by your little outburst, you are not pointing anybody to be loving and caring. you’re just as bad as what you’re accusing others to be. so let people voice their opinion. quit judging everyone else and quit trying to look all high and mighty. that’s all.

  11. As far as Aaron Pennington’s city council position here in Grapeland, he must resign effective immediately. Whether he is guilty or not, at this point he has too much of a cloud hovering over him to govern effectively and he will be a major-league distraction for Mayor Pierson and the other councilmembers that have served with him. It’s not fair to them.

    • If you have any say in whether he resigns or not you would have posted your name instead of An Observer

    • I dont blame you for making him resign because he’s in the public eye and kids look up to him as a city councilman but nobody is perfect and just because of his name its being blown way outta proportion and its wrong! Ya’ll really need to think twice before saying stuff on here because you’re not perfect yourself!!

      • Having possesion of child pornography is a heinous crime. Are you condoning it? This is not like he wrote a hot check….look what happened to Jimbo Rains over a few hot checks and you act like Mr. Pennington should be treated like a hot check writer. Please forgive yourself tonight in your prayers cause this guy is sick and a criminal of the worst kind

  12. no. not claiming to be perfect. but I have respect for my family name and wouldn’t drag it through the mud. if you don’t want attention, then don’t commit a freaking crime. he brought this on himself. and it’s sick. he’s not the victim in all of this. the poor kids are. and his poor family that is having to go through this too. that’s part of having a well known family name. you are expected to be above reproach. he was on the city council. you can’t do **** like that. he needs to be punished for what he did. simple as that. it doesn’t matter who did it, thats sick and it’s illegal. and if you don’t want your name to be plastered all over the news, then dont do it.

  13. Oooh, all of you have never committed a sin? This man comes from a great family. He is sick and needs help. He will not escape punishment, not the least of which is the embarassment of being caught and knowing full well what his family and friends think. It is just crazy for any of you accusers to think that you can sit in judgement of Aaron Pennington. As Ms. Webb pointed out, he is innocent until proven guilty.

    What comes around goes around. Don’t be so quick to point fingers at someone else unless everyone in your own family is completely squeaky clean. Forget that. We are all sinners to some degree.

    This man needs prayers and love, not ridiculous accusations and finger pointing.

  14. everyone needs to calm down and let justice take its roll. as for blah blah blah … there are people that are guilty for the same thing eveywhere……grapeland, slocum, elkhart crockett, lovelady, trinity, palestine and especially tyler!! drive up there if you want to. Enuff is Enuff– the watermelons are from around here over a 1000 acres grown here in grapeland. but thats besides the point and the people that are mad about ” they get out of everything cuz of there name and money” let me ask you something …if u was in a bind and you had plenty of money and a little bit would make it go away would you give it? you dang right you would. so dont judge the family cuz they work hard and are more successfull than you. this is about aaron his brother dad or mom is not being charged with anything. everyone needs to calm down and this is a paper website..you people ought to be ashamed of how your talking on here with the curse words.

  15. Im a Mother…I Love my Children more than life itself. Lets all get REAL…Ok we all knew it, But no one could prove it…Thats the Truth. There a No secrets in a small town. Im so thankful that one of Many has been Caught…Now lets see if he can take what he has been giving…all the Pain & suffering…You do know some of these children will never be the same. Their little book of life has been changed & rewrote…May GOD have marcy on his soul. I feel no sympathy for this Man & if his family Condones this, Well they are no better. I do hurt for the children for what they have been thru & for what they are about to have to go thru…I pray that God comforts those Babies & Gives them the Strength to put this guy away for a long time, ALSO, Please TRY & Remember WHO the Real VICTIMS ARE & HE IS THE REASON HE IS LOSING HIS COUNCILMAN POSITION & HIS NAME IS BEING BLOWN AWAY!!!! HE HAD CHILD PORN IN HIS HOUSE!!!!

  16. Honestly, I am appalled that there are so many people on here offering support and prayers for him. The real victims here that need our support and prayers are the children and others that have been affected by Mr. Pennington’s perversion. True enough, these things have been whispered about around town for years, but the family’s position kept them from being shouted. And this is not a case of innocent until proven guilty because the authorities in this case would not have made such a high profile arrest without iron clad evidence. I personally feel that justice has failed the residents of Houston County by not making this a no bond case. It goes to show that money is what really matters around here. Hard work has little to do with affluence these days, most rich people got to where they are by walking on the backs of the poor. I doubt Aaron will end up in any serious trouble for this, probation at the very worst, and maybe he will lose his pompous attitude and pillar of the community status. If it were anyone else they would get the twenty year maximum and be tortured in prison. So this is a test for the Houston County justice system, I hope they will step up and not sweep this under the rug with an envelope full of cash.

  17. Wow..just wow..

    Ya’ll here defending him,ya’ll seem to have the idea that he was caught buying a beer or going gambling and then telling the rest of us sinners how unperfect we are and we should not “judge.”
    Yes,I sin..I say G*dd*mmit when I hit my thumb with a hammer and I drink a beer about 5 times a year…however,this is NOT what we are talking about…We are talking about a dangerous person on the streets who Federal officers tracked and caught distributing CHILD PORN.
    So..YES,I jlook down on him…not to ridicule,but in disgust.

    Also,did ya’ll feel the same pity for the Beazley boy who murdered the fellow in Tyler over a car?…did ya’ll want it hidden and him lert loose on the streets of Grapeland?
    Oh,that’s right…he was not from a prominent white family.

  18. So, answer this. Should we go after the families who accepted hush money? I understand a new pickup truck and a pay raise was part of a deal to someone to keep quiet about what happened to their son. Evidently, the victim’s family reaped a few benefits off the abuse of their child. What does that make them? What kind of person would accept a payoff to keep quiet about what was done to their own child? If these people had refused to go along with this, Aaron would already be behind bars. It’s not just the rich who worship money.

  19. This dude use to trat people like crap he thought he was better than everybody like he had slaves or some I always thought he was a borderline sex offender when we were in school but god don’t like ugly

  20. Just a few thoughts of mine ,,,, fisrt off i left G-land as soon as i could mainly because of the gossip and rumors that this town can create ,,, as for as their money i am sure they earned every damn dime of it ,, not necessarily the younger Penningtons but the fathers have all worked for yrs to develope a huge business ,,as for working the illeagles WTF ,,, if the younger generation was not smoking dope and living life on mom and dads money then maybe they could work and make a lil summer cash ,,,, as for the charges i will ask WHAT iF it was your child that was being done this way ,,,, i dont mean arrested , i am referring to the pics video or what ever it is that he was arrested on ,,,WHAT IF it was your childs pics being sent all over the web ,,, how would you feel then ,,,,,,,, as a parent that worries me the most cause there are cases that go ontold for yrs and justice is never served ,,,,, as for the small lil town that was hell to grow up in only due to the facts that we were broke ass ppl and our name was just a way to list us in the phone book ,, i have never regreted leaving and have done well for myself ,,, i can only imagine how many flats i could have fixed by now if i had stayed there ,,,,, anyway i am sure the gossip and mudslingin will continue not cause its a pennington but because its grapeland and a town with more churches than business seems to have problems like this ,,, see yall at the peanut fest.

    • Alex,

      I don’t know why they don’t just disband the city council and put the First Baptist Church deacon board and the Masonic lodge in power, much like a demented town hall. They are the ones who really ultimately decide who gets elected to what here. Kind of like that invisible hand that everybody talks about.

  21. God be with the family of those poor little kids. he will get what he deserved. maybe not here on earth, but one day he will be judged. and he will have to answer for every little thin he has done. I am glad they are posting this. idk what will happen at trial, but he deserves to have his name plastered all over the news. he deserves all of this embarrassment. and it makes me sick that parents of these children have been paid off to be quiet. I just pray for justice.

  22. I agree with everyone i have heard rumors for a long time and if the evidence is there i hope they put him away for a long time. Yes those of you that have been around Grapeland know that rumors can start from anywhere and lead to something serious, but as far as this goes he is SICK and if it where my kids i would think that prision WASN’T enough!

  23. yea we have all sinned. not only did he sin, he did something illegal. so, yea it’s gonna be on the news and in the papers. he should have thought of that before he did it. and sadly enough, it is blown out of proportion because of who he is. but take away his name and his family status and every person would be condeming him to hell. any other person in grapeland, tx wouldnt have this much publicity. I lived there my entire childhood and when crap like this would happen, it would be on the news and the person would go to trial and that would be the end of it. what he has done is sick. he needs help and I pray he gets justice like every normal person in grapeland would get.

  24. The reason he has so much publicity is because he is the public eye in everything, church pianst in grapeland, peanut queen coronation announcer, grapeland chamber of commerce committee, grapeland city councilman. Who wants to have the sicko involved in community activities. Not me. This small town praises the Penningtons and think they can get away with everything. I hope the Houston County District Attorney hangs it to him. Mommy and daddy bailed him out and probably will get him out of this. Swept under the rug and paid off just like previous incidents.

    • I appreciate you being brave enough to put your name and not hide. And I respect your opinion also. Thank You and God Bless.

  25. Maybe the family that had a young child in the second grade that AAron paid $ 400. for a sexual favor, went to his parents instead of filing charges they went to AArons parent and they bought the family a home. Now this has been 15 years ago, hopefully more families will come out and tell the truth and put this pervert away for come. As far as his name maybe his mother’s nose might come down alittle because she doesn’t have a Christian bone in here always judging and talking about people, more worried about her material belonging than living and teaching Gods word.

  26. Judge? Me Judge? Lmbo. There are some pretty small minds out there. I’m saying do not hold his family accountable for HIS ACTIONS. But leave it to the small town mentality to do this and Let me tell You something else you hypocritical Jack Ass, I have a Kid that was a Victim and I have a Kid that Was accused too, So I can speak from both sides of the freaking fence. So lay off me, At Least I have the Guts to stand up for What I think IS Right. By NO MEANS if he’s guilty then give him what the law says. I had to do that, I had to file charges on someone, but never did I hold his family accountable, nor did I bash their name. As for my kid that was accused well guess what that was cleared through Law enforcement and CPS and after all was said and done his accuser came back saying he didn’t do it. This is so typical of this county. I think Your Problem is You don’t Know God. High and Mighty….still laughing, I grew up dirty road poor, And I am ONE OF THE BIGGEST SINNERS ALIVE. Judge NOT Lest You Be Judged. I’ll be praying for those Children and For ALL THE FAMILIES INVOLVED, You should do the Same and One other thing Penny has a mind, she don’t need anyone putting thoughts out for her. As adults we are responsible for our actions, not who raised or extended family.

  27. I’ve always heard he was a pervert and his family has paid people off to keep quiet.Now there is evidence of his sickness.He’s screwed.Get out of this one Aaron.

  28. I am more than a little upset that this case has been turned over to the Houston County Justice System! I have seen them in action up close and personal and money DOES play a huge part in the outcome of a case! Sara Clark handed my 5 year old great niece back over to the father who molested her…..what kind of justice is that?!! It would not surprise me at all if this case gets swept under the rug with a slap on the wrist! The penalty for pedophiles should be the death penalty, they can NOT be rehabilitated….they r sick, sick individuals that should not be walking around amongst our children!!! As for dragging the Penninngton name through the mud….obviously the parents or someone in the family got him out of jail on bond which gives people the right to have their own opinions about them! To me, that means they are standing beside him, condoning his actions!

    • Actually, it is quite possible that he put his house up for collateral and that his parents washed their hands of this.

      He only has to come up with 15% of his bond, which would be $15,000…thus, he could have put up his home’s equity.

      Just a possibility.

      • you dont know sara clark if your talking about the judge and know she is not related so dont go bashing people that have nothing to do with this situation!

    • bashing sara clark on here, really? She is very nice and you dont know what it is like to be a judge or hear different sides of stories and know who is lying and who is telling the truth she has nothing to do with this story so I would not bring her name into it! Thats just rude!

  29. It is what it is, plain and simple. Everyone knows that there are laws to follow in our country and there are laws of God. Whether you follow the laws is your own choice. In the eyes of God, your social status does not exist, you are his child no matter what. He may not like what you are doing but that will be between you and Him when your day comes. When you don’t follow them is when you pay for them. You may think that you are getting away with a crime but eventually it will come around to bite you, whether it be here on earth or when you meet your maker. People are going to talk, no matter what the situation is or isn’t. Don’t set yourself up when you know that there will always be consequences.

  30. he will get probation and “rehab” after the envelope of 100 dollar bills makes it rounds…watch and see

    • When he stands before Christ, and he will, that Pennington name and Pennington money won’t impress Jesus for a nanosecond. Trust me on this one.

  31. I think we are missing the point here. this man is sick. he committed a crime and should be punished. the poor kids are the victims. not Aaron and certainly not his family. his family has literally paid for enough. and this is the problem. mommy and daddy need to quit bailing him out. and paying to keep people silent to save their precious name and status. maybe if they had before, he wouldn’t be here now. he’s 30 years old. time to grow up and pay for the crimes he’s committed.

  32. yes. I have a child that has been in and out of prison and yes we still love him to death. but a so have also learned, bailing him out every time was not helping him. there comes a time when you have got to let go and let him hit rock bottom. if we kept covering for him, he was not going to learn a lesson. he is out and doing well now. it is very heartbreaking. but we were doing more harm than good.

  33. Wow some of you people are just ridiculous. I agree that he should have to pay for whatever crimes he committed but I do not agree with condemning the whole Pennington family. Who are you to condemn a family? I think the family issue should be left up to God. NOT YOU. I know for a fact that EVERY family has people in it that commit crimes. But does that mean that everyone in the family is guilty? Absolutely not. And I have lived in Grapeland for many years. There are a lot of crimes that take place here but not near as many as in Tyler. Every town has several law breakers, not just Grapeland. You people are being very narrow minded. And if you had money and loved your kids you would probably do the same thing. And why talk bad about a town for gossip if you are on the internet gossiping yourselves?? You should be ashamed.

    • u r wrong Vanna….if I had money and one of my kids had commited this particular crime, no I would not bail them out of it!!! What if he goes out while out on bond and ruins another child’s life? Would u be able to live with yourself knowing that u were the one that bailed him out of jail? I know I couldn’t!!! I suspect that u wouldn’t be able to either……
      This is not gossiping, this person is a pedophile, I have grand babies and have a right to know what goes on in the town I live! Stop for a second and think about that!!!

      • Amen Sheila. I feel the exact same way. You do the crime you do the time. I love my children but if they hurt somone especially a child i would not help them to get out and possible hurt another. Times have changed…This is not something i would ever defend!!!!!

      • Amen! I’ve always taught my kids….if you are right, I will stand next to you….but if you are wrong….Good Luck to you!

  34. @vanna

    ok,let’s just sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened,and we’ll all just go to church Sundays and have a norman rockwell life.

    and vanna…did you feel the same way about the beazley kid who murdered the guy in front of his wife over a carjacking?..did you feel it should be left to god,or did you want to see justice served?…just because this guy (pennington) is from a prominent white family,people want it all to “just go away”…and it probably will go away in the end…but thank goodness this paper has the balls to print the story and expose the truth


      • OMG! Sara, the guy u r bashing is a white guy!!! He was making a point, nothing else! U people need to stop and think about what this guy has done!!! This is not a traffic stop type crime….. HE IS A PEDIFILE!!!! These are very serious crimes he has been charged with and he should not be allowed to roam the streets of Grapeland!!!

        • If you look at the Sex Offender Registry for Houston County you would be surprised at the sheer number. There’s probably a 4 out of 5 chance that a registered sex offender is within a mile of your home!

          • There were 5 all within a 4 mile radias of my house and was never once informed that 1 was moving in gotta check them out in Latexo too. Our sherrifs office only puts them on the online site so if you do not have access your out of luck…useless

  35. may God be with every single person effected by this. and may he be given a fair trial and get the help he needs to become well. and for healing for the poor babies that were involved. the kids are the ones my heart aches for.

  36. @sara

    i’m a white boy,but I know racism when I see it,and boy,is this town full of it…people may not use the N wordor actually SAY anything public…but believe me,i KNOW the reaction when a black walks into first baptist church…you can feel the tension and see the glares..the preachers phone rings a lot that night.
    Go ahead and stick your head in the sand,Sara..pretend we all live in harmony in Houston County.Keep saying the right things and get your name in the church bulletins…some of us know this place for what it is…a big,hypocrtical peyton-place.

    • and i bet she refers to the area as the quarters too….been like that for 37 years…or on the other side of the tracks…I am not racist just observant. I am white by the way….But pedofiles do not care about race just children

  37. The family IS NOT innocent in this….they created this monster! He is a spoiled, arrogant, rude & patronizing brat who’s families wealth has not only elevated him to positions in the community that he isn’t qualified for, & does not deserve, but covered up his crimes as well. I guarantee you there have been many lessor crimes by him than this one, that have been swept under the rug.
    As far as those who remain anonymous here, EVERY ONE OF YOU knows the power & corruption this family has demonstrated over the years. You have seen with your own eyes what happens to anyone they don’t like, much less than anyone they have reason to hate.
    Anyone who lives in the Area would be crazy to come out against any Pennington & use their own name. They would be persecuted & outcast at the very least. More likely, they would end up in jail or worse on trumped up charges!
    Sadly, they are not the only wealthy family in Houston county that this can be said of.

  38. I have known the Pennington family for many years and know they are hard working people who take chances with their farming practices. We need people like this so for all of you, who made the comments about their financial situation, get a life! It is easy for people to sit back and envy the rewards that hard working families acquire or wish them bad luck. Fact is, the Pennington’s take the risk and some years it pays off while other years it doesn’t. As for hiring illegal workers, sometimes it’s the only people they can get who are willing to work hard. Remember, if you want to farm like they do then go for it, no one is stopping you. As for their son, let him stand on his own two feet and see what happens “after” he’s found guilty or innocent from his peers. Then I will comment further on the situation. Let the judicial system work but until then, perhaps we should all focus on positive things in our lives and not the Pennington family. After all, when things go bad in our lives, we always can depend on our families for support. You, me and the neighbors don’t know the real situation with 100% of the facts so “everyone keep comments to themselves and don’t jump to conclusions”!

  39. Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!”

    *Jesus picks up a rock and throws*

    “Ok guys, now y’all can have at ‘em!”

  40. The fact of the matter is the “man” had to be on some sort of watch list if the US Attorney General’s office had the warrant set in motion. He had the evidence in his home. He will have his day in court and that’s that. Now for the family’s sake, they are in a big way responsible for harboring such acts in the past. They know what they did to save “his” not “their” reputation. This is not an open opportunity to bash the family about their own allegations. Now for the kids sake, God bless them. May they have the strength to come out of this tragic time as human beings and not future victims. They really are the BIG PICTURE in all of this hear say. For the families who accepted “hush tokens” they know what they did and guilt is like a vulture picking at you everyday, and I sincerely hope it does. Open your eyes and see what is in front of you people

    • Hey “think about it ”

      Regarding the harboring of the parents for his acts in the past, as described in the many posts here, you would think they could be held accountable for bribery, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice, except it may be very difficult to prove with the time elapsed as it has.

      • Observer,
        They would be held accountable and charged of all… If any the families had ever pressed charges but since they didn’t…(yellow bellied in my book). No charges ,”no crime”. Since so much time has elapsed it would be null and void now.

  41. Shut up. All of you need to shut up. God is bigger than all of this and I don’t think He needs any of you speaking for him in this situation. You are mean and mean spirited and small minded. Most of you can’t even spell. You are everyone guilty of contributing to the rumors, hate and hurt that exist in Grapeland, Texas. I am ashamed of you and to be from Grapeland. I am sad, angry and hurt by the allegations against Aaron, however, you do not know all of the facts…….so shut up. Whomever said, what goes around comes around is correct, therefore, all if this is pointless. Your opinions don’t matter and will not make a difference in the end. Apparently none of you have any power or “status”, and I think that is where your hatefulness comes from.

    Penny, I am sorry for the position you are in, however, I admire you for reporting the facts. Please do not get caught up in all of these comments. Always remember some of the best people in Grapeland have come from the Pennington line and you should never be ashamed of that.

    • Whomever said, what goes around comes around is correct, therefore, all if this is pointless. ……………………….. it’s OF not IF…..you wanna talk about us not being able to spell!!! take the stye out of your own eye first!

        • There is a difference between mistyping a word and blatent bad grammar and spelling, however, I doubt that you would know the difference. A perfect example of small town Grapeland and immature behavior. Apparently you just like to argue since your original point had nothing to do with me or my typing so go back to your original stupidity and blah, blah, blah. I have no time for the likes of you.

          • Oh, and by the way it is “blatant” not blatent. Did you catch that?

    • You wouldn’t be singing this tune if it were YOUR child who was a victim. Give me a break. If Aaron gets off the hook on this one, then we have a worse justice system than Libya or Iran put together.

    • You are so right. My Step Dad is a Pennington and Let me tell you He’s the BEST Thing ever! He’s a wonderful man, that goes out of his way to help anybody and usually for NOTHING, he’s great to my kids, he’s been great for me and my siblings and he’s loved all of us and he’s been good to my Momma too.

  42. My 2 cents: Hopefully this man will get taken care of by a jury or judge. It makes me sick to my stomach and also breaks my heart to think of what children may have endured. Concerning the parents of the children taking bribes of money or whatever, shame on them. It pretty much shows you what type of people they are. I would hope they can never have any peace. Concerning his parents covering it up and offering the bribes, shame on them also. I can’t imagine how they could have ever had any peace knowing their son was this sick in the head and covering it up; knowing he could keep doing it to other children. No one could love their children more than I love mine, but if I knew one of my children was that sick in the head, I would be the first one to get them put somewhere for help and off the streets. What really blows my mind, is that evidently, a lot of people in Grapeland knew this man was sick in the head. Why on earth was he on the City Council, in the Chamber of Commerce, on the loan board at a bank, and singing in the choir at the Methodist Church? Citizens need to have the courage to stand up for innocent children, confront these sick in the head people and their families and demand he get put somewhere for help and get off the streets; instead of promoting him as an upstanding citizen. Just saying, my 2 cents.

  43. God watch over those children that need u now…..give them strengh,love,hope,God is our co- ploit he watches over us all the time in what we do…..@ outsider looking in u said it all so true ….like what u said….

  44. Observer,
    They would be held accountable and charged of all… If any the families had ever pressed charges but since they didn’t…(yellow bellied in my book). No charges ,”no crime”. Since so much time has elapsed it would be null and void now.

  45. I believe all of you on here have stated some very good things in your own way! I grew up in Grapeland and now have been gone from there for a good while but I will say this for the record!!… While I was growing up everyone knew that the Penningtons pretty much owned the town and their money bought what ever they wanted!! That’s the reason he isn’t still behind bars!! This is really a sad situation for the children involved and I hope and pray that the Justice System there GIVES HIM EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVES!!…..Before the parents of those children decide too! Which in my opinion would be just as good!!!


  47. So if I’ve drank 1 beer,I’m just as bad as someone who’
    s paid 2nd grade boys for sexual favors?..interesting way of thinking there,ain’t it?

  48. Here is my two cents but it is only worth one. I am going to misspell words on purpose because that is the only way it seems like the some ofyou can discredit other peoples post. We are talking about a (pedofile) here and all you guys want to do it undermine people because that mispell something so that shows me the true level of maturity that is going on in there post. This coming from a person that as a rather big name in Grapeland and much like all of you have left. That being said I cannot help but feel bad for the family name but do not agree that the family needs to rally behind Aaron for this horrible act that he has commited against these kids (or alligations rather). If this was something that I had done not only would I not want my family to support me I would not even want them to know. No offence to the ladies out there but I would have a better concience trying to defend charles manson than this guy. But that is just me. In my opinion the family paying people off and sweeping things under the rug makes them just as sorry as the person that is comitting the crime. There is only somuch stuff you can sweep under th rug before there is a big lump in it. I have three girls of my own and if they were caught op in something like this there is no way on earth that I could in clear conscience support thm in the action that they have brought on to our family. This is a heinous crime and if he is not convicted and goes to jail for this the DA should be fired. I hope i mispelled enough words so all of you can try to discredit what I wrotes.

    • Thank you, Philip! Well said! I know the “Huff” name and I don’t think any of the Huff’s would stoop as low as the Penninngton’s have. To the people of Grapeland, don’t let this be “swept under the rug”, my kids went to school with Aaron and to think he was doing these things even back then sickens me!!! It is a proven fact that pedifiles can NOT be cured, don’t take my word for it, read up on the subject…….I have grand babies in the Grapeland School District and I would kill if something like this ever happened to one of them!!! Those of u taking up for Aaron, u KNOW what he has been accused of is true, so why defend him? I am ashamed of u!!! Put yourself in those poor children’s shoes for just a second and bet u wouldn’t be taking up for him so quickly!!!! BTW…..what has City Street Cafe got to do with any of this? NOTHING!!!

  49. You don’t need this internet forum to find out about any news in grapeland!! All you have to do is go sit at city street cafe and listen to the owners and their family talk. All they do is talk trash about people in the town!!

    • To ex grapeland resident….I for one am a witness to this myself……I used to go to city street cafe and I stopped going because everytime you leave there you smell like grease and smoke! It’s completely disgusting! And you’re right all Eddie and Judy and their family does is talk trash about people in the town! How they have any business whatsoever is beyond me! It seems like every good restaurant that comes into town always gets shut down because of them running their heads at city street cafe! I’m about tired of it myself

    • First of all this very sad and everyone has thier opion. But do u realize what his family must be going through and to see it on here . They shouldn’t have to read or here bout harsh things.. Lets wait till all the facts are out for all of us to know what they are.
      And second what does city street have to do with this stuff. I have ate there for over 7 years and i have work there for over a year. And eddie and judy are like my second family they woiuld do anything for anybody.. As for people saying they gossip u can walk down the street or walk into a gas station and find out gossip of this town… So if you want friendly service good food and people that will treat you like a friend. Come to City Street and see us…..
      I truly hope yall can think before u speak and what you write…
      thank you

      • they might not do it now but I have seen their gossip and rumors shut down many GOOD restaurants in grapeland and even crockett and elkhart area!!! So until you know what I know then you shouldn’t comment about them! thank you very much

  50. I’m not here to talk bad about anybody but I’m just letting everybody know if you can’t get any information that you want to online then go to city street cafe and you can get all the gossip you want

  51. Wow ..i didnt know how Grapeland people would say so many bad things about other people from their town ….i know god see what u do wrong and God will take care of it …let God judge him for what he did to this poor litte children…and their family…God does not like UGLY……

  52. Shame on those here talking foul about this young man!..He is one of our most active leaders and faithful churchgoer..those who trash him here and at the cafe are just jealous of his standing in the community!!..People,get a life and let him be!!!!!

    • No matter what his position or social status- Wrong is WRONG. If he is innocent than he is innocent and people should leave him alone. But if convicted then he should do the time for the crimes. Does not matter who he is or who his family is.

    • for one nobody has talk bout him at the cafe I work there and i have never herad anything said bout him..

    • Yet another drone who has sipped the Pennington Kool-Aid. Nogration, if this was your son I wonder if you would be telling all of us to get a life.

    • OMG how could u say that?How can we let him be when he’s free to raom around Grapeland and there r so many innoscent people he can hurt.Shame on u Nograton.Ur r one of the reasons that he hasnt got what he deserves yet.U stick up for that pedophile and ur no better the he is.

      Plus no one’s jelous of him.Everyone knows what he has done.People have known for years.It has just taken this long to finally prove everything.


  54. I eat at the City Street Cafe often and have never heard any family or others talk trash or anything else about other business owners or about Mr. Pennington. I have never noticed it being smokey or smelley in there. The food has always been very good service is good as anywhere else and the prices are lower than some.Some people live to try to bring pain to others

    • As I have read in sociology books, seen on America’s Most Wanted, etc., this may not even be a sexual gratification thing with Aaron, it could be all about the power and dominion that he has over the victim at that moment in time.

      There was a sex offender a few years ago in another state that was castrated and later on he still reoffended…he bragged to the investigators that it was power he was seeking and not a sexual thrill.

  55. http://www.childmolestationprevention.org/pages/tell_others_the_facts.html

    What are the first three facts you can tell others? Fact one: Today, 95 percent of child molestation can be prevented. We have the knowledge to stop it. Fact two: Today, living in the United States, there are 39 million adults who have survived child sexual abuse. Fact three: Today, more than three million American children are victims. Most of them are children, struggling alone, believing there is no adult who can help them. To help prevent child molestation from happening to the children closest to you, begin by telling others the basic facts.



  58. i pray to god that none of you ever have to go through this (being accused or molested) I am a family member or a man accused by a woman who was PAID by the mans ex-wifes family (prominent in houco) to claim he molested her child- my family member found NOT GUILTY, but the toll that it took on all us was horrendus and the lasting effects that that man had to endure were more than awful.. With that being said i think it is sick that he has supposedly done this to numerous children and not a thing has been done about it in the past……… and to those parents that have supposedly accepted the “hush” money they should be put on trial also……… Really all i am saying is that you all should try not to drag the FAMILY through the mud, they have enough to deal with being related to the accused………. what they have done, how they got their money and how they choose to run their business has no bearing on what this man CHOoSE to do.. yes they may have enabled him by buying his way out of things, but all we as children of God need to do is pray for the victims and this mans family for them to make the right decisions and for the courts to do the right thing this tome God Bless you all

  59. Aaron Pennington is a sick bastard. What he has done is WRONG! there is NO excuses. It’s not right to blame it on his family, it’s not their fault. Any parent would bail their child out of jail. But still he deserves to go to jail! He is giving Grapeland a bad name! get the hell out of here you sick pervert!!!!!

    Also, he should not be on the city council anymore, and should be kicked out of the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I live in Grapeland and I hear all this stuff about him..Sad to know its probably all true.All the Penningtons think they can get away with whatever they want.A pay off here and a pay off there.
    No amount of hush money can stop this story from spreading like wildfire.Everyone already knows about it.But still theyre probably gonna try to stop it.There’s nothing they can do about it now.
    I dont like the idea of that pervert walking free in my hometown.He should be locked up.
    I cant believe there are people actually defending him.WTF is wrong with ya’ll.No one should be above the law.Especially that sick man.

    • In 2002, If Justice Had Been Served, Arron Pennington’s Perversion And Way Of Life Would Have Been Altered And Monitored. I Am Certain The Citizens Of Grapeland Would Not Have Voted Arron In As City Council Member And Or Allowed Him To Be The President Of The Chamber Of Commerce. This All Could Have Been Averted. Even So, “Everything Happens For A Reason”. Grapeland Is A Great Place And It Always Will Be. Every Town, City And Community Has Unfortunate Incidents, Grapeland Is No Better Or Worse For It. We Can All Build On the Knowledge Of Knowing And Work Through And Around It. It Is Called “Adapt And Overcome” “God Bless Our Communities”

      • Tell ‘em Jennifer, that’s the point i was making too, not all are the same just because they have the same last name.

        • Alysia,

          I think the only Penningtons being mentioned are Aaron and his parents. Of course nobody is saying ALL of the Penningtons are like this. The rest of the Penningtons seem to be fairly decent people.

          A very reliable source in the media who I have known for years is saying there may be 30-40 additional charges filed against Aaron and possibly his parents in the coming weeks. Some of these in Anderson County (Palestine). At some point somebody has to say where there is smoke there is one helluva raging fire going on. Or will you continue to drink the Kool-Aid, Alysia?

  61. [...] Pennington’s first arrested occurred on Tuesday April 5, 2011. Prior to that arrest, complaints were made to the Grapeland Police Department, which turned the case over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Based on its findings, the AG’s office obtained a warrant for Pennington’s initial arrest and a search warrant for his home, both of which were executed by authorities on April 5. Read That Story. [...]

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