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Christmas Tree Lighting

This year marked the 23rd annual Christmas in Kennard and it was a resounding success! There was a beautiful tree donated by Mary Ann Davis in memory of her husband Buddy Davis. Mike Curry and Billy Gauer cut and hauled the tree to the intersection in town, Northeast Texas Power helped put it up, and put the lights on. The ornaments were all handmade by the Kennard ISD Elementary children. The theme for this year’s festivities was A Community Gathering of Christmas.

Friday before the festivities there was a meeting at Curry’s Grocery of the house decorating judges. There was pizza supplied by Mike and Judy Curry and then the judges were off with Mike doing chauffer duty. There were Santas, carolers, reindeer, dancing lights, and even some presents under trees . . . the decisions were tough. After much wrangling, the judges awarded seven trophies to people with beautiful lights. First place went to Paul and Sherry Morgan, second place went to Nancy Smotherman, third place went to Darlene Dixon, Most Lights went to Jon and Sheila Barclay, Most Animated went to Tommy and Betty Smotherman, Best Theme went to Donald Lamb, and Consolation went to J.W. and Sonja Logan. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for helping make Christmas special with your decorations!

Mr. and Mrs. Santa

Saturday dawned sunny and brisk. There were vendors set up all along highway 7 and in the Curry’s Grocery parking lot. You could buy peanut brittle, shop for clothes and bows, and buy a raffle ticket for blue ribbon trailers made by the Kennard Ag students. It was a lovely day. There were door prizes throughout the day at Curry’s that ranged from cozies to a grill to an 8 x 10 canopy. They also had a stocking stuffed with toys that all the children could put their name in the pot to win. The lucky child was Jack Stanley. They were selling chances on a Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw. The drawing was held at 4 pm.

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