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District Attorney Donna Gordon Kaspar issued a press released on Friday, January 27, 2012 with regard to the pleadings in the case of the State of Texas vs. Aaron Wade Pennington. In the press release Kaspar stated, ” I am pleased to say that the Aaron Pennington case is being resolved with a plea.   Mr. Pennington has pleaded guilty to all charges against him and will be sentenced to the agreed punishment on February 23, 2012.  I have recommended the maximum sentence in each case.  That is 20 years in TDC in the sexual assault cases and the Promotion of Pornography cases and 10 years TDC in the Possession of Child Pornography cases.  At the request of the defendant the case was set for sentencing in February and it was agreed that the sentences in each case will be stacked if Mr. Pennington fails to show up for his court date on February 23, 2012 or fails to continue to follow his bond restrictions.”

Kaspar further stated, “This agreement comes after discussions with the victims and their families and takes into consideration the safety of the community, the cost and expense to the county of a full trial and more importantly the avoidance of embarrassment for the victims and their families.  I am profoundly grateful that there were two victims willing to tell the authorities what was happening.  I know that it takes courage and strength to do so as many victims never speak out at all.  I am glad that we were able to resolve the case with an appropriate punishment and without the need for the victims to testify and relive the pain and anguish caused by Mr. Pennington. I appreciate the fine job done by the Grapeland Police Department and the Attorney General’s Office.”

She added, “I have heard rumors that Aaron Pennington is getting a deferred probation.  A deferred adjudication probation can only be granted before a person is found guilty by a judge or jury.  In the Aaron Pennington case he has been found guilty by the judge so deferred is not an option.  As for regular probation, that is not a part of the plea bargained sentence and will not happen either.  Again, my agreement, if the judge accepts it, is for the maximum sentence in each case and the sentences will not be stacked if he shows for his sentencing date and does not violate his bond restrictions.”


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  1. Everyone said he would get a plea deal & surprise, surprise he did. Now news commentators are saying since he doesn’t have a prior felony he is only going to spend 6-7 years actually behind bars. Money & clout took care of this one. Way to go DA. I hope & pray she doesn’t get re-elected. I am so sick of the status quo in Houston County. It’s all who you know & how old your family is. Makes me sick.

    • I am very proud of our DA. I hope and pray she gets re-eleceted. I think she has done a fantastic job! A plea means no jury trial, costing tax payers money. Good job Donna, keep up the good work!!

      • My only problem with this is the fact that they have basically said to Aaron: if you take this like a man, because of your wealth, we’ll go ahead and give you a month to get your affairs in order; if you try something stupid such as fleeing you will serve your sentences one at a time instead of all at one time, if we can actually find and re-apprehend you.

        I say this because I would figure about 95% of felons who face TDC time are remanded into custody as soon as they either enter a guilty plea or are found guilty by a judge or jury. In the rare instances that they are granted bail prior to sentencing they increase the bail significantly. In most places this would have meant a million dollar bond for Mr. Pennington if he were to receive any bail at all.

        I doubt he runs and I hope and pray he doesn’t but at the same time nothing surprises me anymore.

        • I don’t think we should look at it this way…I see it like this..He plead guilty, He’s not getting probation, yes they made an exception to him being remanded into custody, but after that the Justice system will not play favorites, he will do some time, maybe get some help, be eligible for parole, may get it and if he does then he will be on parole. Donna stated in the above story, she is recommending the maximum for each charge, tax payers are saved some money and The Victims are protected and sheltered and kept from the humility and agony of having to testify. Justice has been dished, I’m sorry but I would have done the same thing, what is one month vs NO Justice at all. I don’t believe Aaron is a flight risk and if he does run, they will eventually catch up with him and that would be added charges…If he does run, I will personally stand on the court house square with a sign saying “I am an Idiot” . Donna has made an excellent DA, too bad she don’t live in my county…but just the same She’s made me proud of the my county of origin.

  2. Everybody saying way to go Donna obviously do not know the facts, The Attorney General sending help in this case shows a lack of trust in Donna, after all she let three guilty friends walk away. Chief Fisher, Bob and Mindy. The AG usually only sends help for Capital murder cases. This case was to be tried by AG not by Donna!!!!!!!

  3. He will have to register as a sex offender the rest of his life which is a scarlet letter that will haunt him forever.

    • this is how gossip and lies start….. The words “heard she was” is not first hand knowledge. Please let us not start more problems for them. And I for one, being a member of one of the victims family am very please with the way Donna handled it all. And many of you do not have your facts. Attorney General can be called in when it pertains to minors. The cheif of police of Grapeland made the call to them for help. I applaud him as well! Let us all let the healing process get started! And please remember their was another District Attorney before Donna that swept a case under the rug with there was plenty of proof of wrong doing years ago. Which means these victims endured all of this because of the otherDistrict Attorney not doing her job. Donna made sure and saw this through, she fought hard to keep this in Houston County where it needed to be while fighting hard to protect the victims and working hard not to have to have them testify. Just to set the record straight their were some of us ready for the battle. No more children to be done this way by Aaron without us trying to stop it. Now let us pray that he gets help and pray for his family. Money or no money they still are hurting

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