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The Trinity Police Department (TPD) has made some huge headlines in the last year with some highly unusual cases, especially for a town with just over 2,000 residents. In March, TPD arrested someone who said he accidentally videotaped another man in a bathroom stall. They also arrested a man accused of biting off another man’s nose during a fight. And twice in the past couple months, they’ve dealt with women who were transporting meth in their vaginas. These splashy headlines have now led to a reality show with Country Music Television (CMT).

According to a press release from CMT, the network will be in Trinity soon to produce a 10-episode reality series, “TRINITY 911.”

“Each half-hour episode of the workplace reality series will follow the on- and off-duty antics of the most colorful police department in Texas,” according to the press release.

“Whether they are tasering each other to pass the time or struggling through a donut-free workout with their new trainer, the Trinity PD is on the job 24/7, 365 days a year,” the press release stated.

The series is scheduled to air later this year.


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  1. Lmfao!!!! Thank God I don’t live in Texas anymore!!! That’s embarrassing to the people of trinity to know that the stupid shit people have done in the town is gonna be all over the world on national tv!!! Lmao

    • Ivy, it makes me wonder how CMT and their leadership discovered Trinity’s PD. Someone somewhere tipped them off I’m sure. Most people in Nashville couldn’t find Trinity, TX on a map and probably have no reason or desire to. If they wanted some hijinks and antics the Crockett or Palestine PD’s or about 10 years ago the Grapeland PD would have been adequate.

  2. OMG, home prices will just begin to soar. These East Texas police departments are working their you-know-what’s off trying to keep drug dealers under control. Seeing as much crime around this area as we do, I don’t think I will find this show very funny. It’s really sad.

  3. My mom lives in trinity tx, and I used to go to church there… There are references to the cops tasering each other… that’s a funny story, apparently involving one of the guys i used to go to church with. I’m waiting for it to come out…. I hope it has some hilarious footage.

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