Today kicks off the first day of my pants-less year. Obviously, I’m not running around naked; I decided I’d see how life would be when I wear a dress or skirt every single day of the year. Before you scream it can’t be done, remember your grandmothers and great-grandmothers did it for centuries. My grandmother died in 1986 at the age of 92, and she never wore a pair of pants a day in her life, not even pajama pants. While I won’t be wearing the dresses my grandmother wore and I’m not sure what I’ll do in the winter, I’m taking my self-challenge one day at a time.

I chose a colorful knit maxi dress to wear today. While it may be fairly hot outside, the dress is surprisingly comfortable. It’s a thin knit and it’s sleeveless, so I’m not sweating completely to death. I will admit it’s similar to wrapping a long, thin blanket around my legs, it’s actually an asset if I decide to sit on my feet.

The long skirt also protects me from several irritants. For instance, the long skirt provides a buffer between my skin and unusually cold or hot items. If I sit on a hot leather car seat, my legs are covered and I don’t feel the direct, horrible scorching pain of +100 degree seats. Also, if the air conditioning runs colder than 73 degrees, the long skirt provides protection from the artificial element. It prevents people from seeing any unattractive parts of my legs, blocks people from looking up my skirt and protects my legs from sun exposure. (I don’t know if it’s true, but I hear doctors discover more melanomas on women’s legs than any other body part). Combine all of this with the fact I look pretty darned elegant and feel like I’m wearing pajamas – it’s turning out to be a wonderful dress day.

Thanks to this dress, I discovered the magical powers of fabric tape. Do you have wrap dresses that seem to gape open in the chest? Maybe you have a button-down blouse that gaps in the front. This tape will solve the problem. The dress I’m wearing today is a faux wrap, and thanks to the fabric tape, I’m not giving the world a show. It’s a double-sided fabric tape I purchased on For about $10, I received a roll of tape resembling a roll of Scotch-brand tape. You simply tear off what you need, stick it onto the clothing, tear off the paper backing, and stick the other fabric to it. Ta-da! Problem solved! It also works to stick clothing to your body, which will protect you from having something hang out that you’d rather stay covered. The tape is completely safe for fabric, is totally invisible, comes off fairly easily and holds like superglue. It’s a wardrobe necessity. Every woman should definitely have this in her secret weapon arsenal.

I am also wearing a half slip with this dress. This prevents the dress from clinging or sticking to me, and it prevents the VERY unwanted see-through skirt nightmare. Whether or not anyone can see through the skirt without a slip, I don’t know and don’t want to know. I’m not giving anyone that chance!

While the day’s not over yet, it’s close. All in all, its been a good day one. In fact, I’ve not missed wearing pants at all. Any skirt feels more comfortable in the heat than any jeans or pants. I also don’t need to worry about unwanted camel toes, bunching or gapping. The dress really does a lot to hide my figure flaws, and may seem significantly more becoming to my body than pants.

Check back next week. After all, this is only the beginning.





Laura Land began styling and fashion advising long before she lent Melanie a sweater and belt in the sixth grade. Laura firmly believes that how you LOOK effects how you FEEL, and as she says, "change your look, change your life." With a degree from UT-Tyler in journalism, Laura not only writes a style column and blog, but is the editor-in-chief of County Life magazine and website. Most Saturday mornings find her pouring over fashion magazines with her three dogs, one cat, and husband at their ranch near the quaint East Texas town of Crockett. And whether she's at a cocktail party or preparing for bed, you can bet no detail goes unnoticed.
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  1. Cute article! I know what you mean about the gaping in the chest. I’m ordering fabric tape as we speak! Thanks for the tip!

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