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I just love the rain we received last week, even the short sprinkles we receive now and then sure help out. We got just 2/10ths short or 2 inches here at Hummingbird Acres in less than two days last week. Hip Hip Hooray.

Sunday was such a blessing at New Energy last week. Pastor and Jean Gilett were home after their annual trip for a family reunion back east. Pastors sermon was excellent as usual. We really want to thank Pastor Coones for filling in the first couple of weeks this month, he brought wonderful messages to us as well. The singing was great as well with Jim Hammons leading and Jean Gillett accompanying. We had a couple of really treats on Sunday. Trubi Bolch was in church with her daughter and our very own Ethel Tims, it was so good to see them and all looking really good. Lilly Smart and her husband visited us Sunday and Lilly blessed us by singing Child of God a wonderful song. Lilly come back and sing to us again anytime.

It is hard to believe that Labor Day is just next week and fall is on it’s way. This has been a much easier summer for us to take. School is open, so be sure to be careful when your out driving. Those school buses have the flashing lights for a good reason. A big thank you to all the wonderful teachers returning this year and good luck to everyone. I know we will have a lot to be proud of this coming school year.

This really isn’t about Belott, but need to brag a little about my sister. She has always loved to write and got brave enough to submit a few of her pieces in her local Fair. She won one blue ribbon, four red ribbons, but best of all the Superintendent’s Choice what an honor. My sister has five children and twenty three grandchildren, still works as a Para educator in the public schools and has one of her granddaughters living with her. A busy lady. This past year since one of her sons deaths in a tragic ZIP Line accident in Hawaii last year she has been very active lobbying for more safety measures and laws for Zip Lines. Like I said busy, busy lady. Gee since she has so much free time, maybe I should ask her to be a guest columnist every once and a while.

Coming events Fall Fest in October and Our Annual Christmas program in December. I am really hoping to recruit most of the VBS kids and Aides for my program this year. Anyone interested in visiting New Energy Church, our Sunday School starts at 10:00 AM for all three groups and Church Services Start at 11:00 AM each Sunday.

Don’t forget we have an election coming up in November. If you’re not registered I think there is still time and if you are registered, study the candidates and issues and exercise your right, privilege and Duty to vote.

Please Pray for, members of our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Firemen as well as Medical personnel and those who have unspoken needs for our prayers.

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

That’s it for this week. If you have news for me or comments please call Darlene Gill 936-545-2947 or email mjsgrams@gmail.com. Have a blessed week.


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