In January Chuck Spellman, Rhonda & Ricky Flasowski and Virginia & Scott Willis pulled off the ultimate surprise celebration at the Crockett Civic Center in honor of Kim Spellman’s 50th birthday.

kim and chuck

Chuck and Kim Spellman

The celebration included a fajita fiesta, a 10 piece Mariachi band kicked-off the event and then a DJ played into the night. Over 200 guests attended, where they dined, danced, laughed and celebrated. In lieu of gifts for Kim, guests were asked to bring canned goods to help restock the SHARE of Houston County food bank.

The response was overwhelming says Jim Ainsworth, President of SHARE. “The guests at Kim’s 50th birthday celebration were very generous. We had to make two trips to pick up all of the much needed donations. This idea to donate in lieu of gifts was pure genius. We hope that more people in Houston County will think of doing something similar when planning celebrations and gatherings.” SHARE of Houston County is a non-profit organization. SHARE does not receive government funding and all donations are tax deductible. SHARE is dependent on member churches, the community and some grant resources to help people in Houston County that are in a crisis situation. The help is for a short term while other arrangements. SHARE of Houston County is located at 207 S. 8th Street in Crockett. Their telephone number is 936-544-5600.

S-17As for Kim, she was overwhelmed and surprised. Kim says that all of her future gatherings and celebrations will include an opportunity to help SHARE of Houston County. “My husband and all of my friends are incredible, I truly am blessed. The best part of the celebration was the opportunity to give back to Houston County. I must say, the food bank gifts are the most memorable gifts I have ever received. I had no idea that things like socks, bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss and deodorant are items that people in need are not able to obtain through state assistance. I see so many people doing things for their communities and I like being one of those people. I encourage all of my friends to try it. When you are having a gathering or dinner party, ask your guests to bring a few canned goods, bars of soap or toothpaste, it is a wonderful feeling to help others. For the next month, I am going to focus on a sock and soap drive. I have set a personal goal to collect 100 packages of socks (big socks, little socks, tall socks, short socks) and 100 bars of soap for SHARE in 30 days.” To help Kim with this goal, please contact her directly at or 936-624-3797.

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