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The Grapeland Independent School District’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved the designation of Gregg Spivey as the lone finalist in the district’s search for a new superintendent. This designation is essentially the board’s selection of the district’s choice for the new superintendent, but the board must wait twenty days before it can officially hire Spivey to take over. Spivey has served as the superintendent of Apple Springs ISD for the last eleven years of his career.

Gregg Spivey was selected as the lone finalist for the GISD Superintendent position.

Gregg Spivey was selected as the lone finalist for the GISD Superintendent position.

Grapeland ISD Board of Trustees President, Paul Oliver, commented on Spivey being selected the lone finalist saying, “He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and we think he’ll do a great job.”

Spivey was born and raised in Diboll, and graduated from Diboll High School in 1980. After high school, Spivey earned his bachelors degree in business, and earned his teaching certificate not long after that. Spivey spent a few years coaching and teaching at Huntington High School and Diboll High School before landing a job at Grapeland High School in the early 1990’s.

Many Grapeland graduates and residents will be familiar with Spivey who served as a coach and teacher at Grapeland High School from 1991 to 1993. After his stint at Grapeland, Spivey took the head football and basketball coach’s positions at Apple Springs High School, and served in those positions for six years before taking over as the assistant high school principal.

After about six months into Spivey’s time as the assistant principal the high school principal retired, and he took over working in that position for about two and a half years. After the former Apple Springs ISD superintendent left, Spivey was hired to serve the district in that capacity, and has been doing so for the past seven years.

Mr. Spivey said that one of the main reasons he applied for the Grapeland superintendent’s job was because he feels very comfortable with Grapeland ISD, and because there are a lot of great people in Grapeland. “Mainly, I applied because I am familiar with it (the town). It’s a great place, and I want to get back out there and get started,” Spivey said. “I have a couple of daughters that are in college in the Dallas area. The drive to Dallas is a little bit shorter from Grapeland, so that’s a bonus too.”

When asked about his plans or vision for the Grapeland School District Spivey replied, “Just like any school, they have a few areas they can improve in. I want to help the district focus on improving those areas and help Grapeland ISD be the best it can possibly be. The rating system is changing now. The district’s ratings have not been as good as they would have liked for them to be in the past, and we are going to work to achieve the highest ratings possible.”

Spivey is married to Lori Spivey, and they have two daughters, Ashley and Emily. Ashley is the oldest, and will be graduating from Dallas Baptist University on Friday. Spivey’s youngest daughter, Emily, is finishing up her first semester at the University of North Texas. Lori Spivey is a first-grade teacher at Apple Springs, and will be coming to GISD with her husband though her teaching position has not been determined at this time.


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  1. This is A GREAT HIRE!! I had Coach Spivey as a pre-algebra student in Grapeland and he is a courteous person, indeed a gentleman, but he won’t take any garbage off of anybody either. I wish him the best of luck if the people of Grapeland will LET him do his job.

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