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Working together  to acquire the former Texas Youth Commission facility, Houston County and city of Crockett administrators hope to attract a business or corporation that will bring viable jobs to the community.

On Friday, May 31, 2013, several representatives of Houston County journeyed to Austin to discuss an acquisition of the former TYC property with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board.

While in Austin, Crockett Mayor Wayne Mask stated on his social media page, “In Austin with Crockett contingency to attend Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board Meeting. Hopefully they will approve Crockett and Houston County acquiring the Crockett State School property to negotiate with a tenant if and when that time comes. It will expedite the process if we can get their approval today.”

For those that are unaware, Houston County and Crockett City Administrators have been working diligently with Mel Brown and Associates to re-purpose the facility formerly known as the Crockett State School. There are two groups  that have recently visited Crockett for a tour of the facility; the Texas National Guard, accompanied by representatives of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, are looking to establish two 22 week boot camps for youth offenders in a facility like CSS and a juvenile rehabilitation institution called Cornerstone, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Of the meeting County Judge Erin Ford reported, “It was very productive and I believe we received encouraging signs from the TJJD Board. We are now awaiting a response of further approval in order for our community to be able to proceed with our current negotiations.”

Representatives for the community included County Judge Erin Ford, Mayor of Crockett Wayne Mask, the Director of the Crockett Economic Development Corp Executive Director Thom Lambert and Crockett Economic Development Corp President Chris von Doenhoff.


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  1. If not it will be allowed to just sit there and fall down like the old Community Memorial Hospital here in Grapeland did for over 20 years. When another tenant occupies Crockett State School I will believe it when I see it but if anybody can pull it off it’s Mr. Ford. I think a bunch of people of turned off by Crockett’s Mayor over this maintenance shop debacle.

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