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In an effort to get Big Texas Heat, the CMT reality show about the Trinity Police Department, into a better time slot and more viewers, CMT put the show on hiatus and recently brought it back with a new title, Fat Cops.

The first four episodes of the show, under the title Big Texas Heat aired in the fall of 2012 and was put on hiatus in December with a promise to the Trinity PD to bring the show back with a new time slot in order to give the series better exposure.

According to Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones, the re-release and re-naming of the show have been a good move for CMT. “I just got word that the show was the second highest rated show on CMT Saturday. It rated higher than COPS. It was rated the highest for the entire day.” Although Chief Jones is not overjoyed with the new, seemingly derogatory, title, he stated, “I’m not excited about it, but there is a bigger picture Givens and I are working on now. Be patient, and you will see, there may be a super positive outcome.”

With the show promoting the weight loss efforts of Chief Steve Jones and Officer David Givens, the two were invited to appear on The Steve Harvey Show in December 2012. During that show, the two officers took a weight-loss challenge with Harvey promising to make an appearance in Trinity, Texas, if each of the officers lost 60 lbs. Chief Jones reported that both he and Givens met their challenge, however they slacked off and were not working as hard. “This Sunday we both re-dedicated ourselves to a strict routine of diet and exercise.”

Fat Cops is being promoted by CMT as “the larger-than-life humor of one small-town Texas police force.” Viewers can “follow the on and off-duty antics of the police department in the tiny town of Trinity, population 2,697.” CMT notes, “They may not have the world’s highest crime rate to contend with, but keeping their small town safe from danger is a full-time job for this fun-loving crew.”

The CMT cast for Fat Cops includes:

Chief Steve Jones

Chief Steve Jones

Chief Steven Jones: “The Boss.” Jones is the “glue” that keeps the department together. Except for maybe his wife, nobody questions the authority of this fun-loving, practical joker. Whether he’s barbecuing some of his award-winning baby back ribs or pranking one of his officers, everyone on the right side of the law loves Chief Jones.




Officer "Big Sexy" Givens

Officer “Big Sexy” Givens

Officer Donald Givens: “Big Sexy” is Barry White in a police officer’s uniform. This officer uses his charm while protecting the citizens of trinity. As the Community Relations Officer, Givens is the face of the Trinity PD.




Officer Morales

Officer Morales

Officer Felix Morales: “The Rookie” is the new over-earger, ghost-hunting, know-it-all at the force that will do anything to be a super cop. A former military man, with time in Iraq, Officer Morales is determined to prove himself to the Chief.




Officer Sikes

Officer Sikes

Officer Justin Sikes: “Little Man” is a hard-nosed, brass-tacks, short-fused officer who often takes his job too seriously.





Sgt. Wheeler

Sgt. Wheeler

Sergeant Randy Wheeler: “The Sergeant” is the Chief’s country music singing, guitar strumming, right hand man. Although  he is considered the ‘grown up’ of the department, he likes a good practical joke as much as he loves donuts.




Dispatcher Chasen

Dispatcher Supervisor Chason Breward

Dispatch Supervisor Chason Breward: “Department Mom.” Breward keeps an eye on the inmates, keeps the officers in line and makes sure the station runs smoothly.





The Chief's Wife, Melanie Jones

The Chief’s Wife, Melanie Jones

Melanie Jones: “Chief Jones’ Wife.” Mrs. Jones is the opinionated owner of the Flair Hair Salon who keeps the Chief in line. Long hours on duty and public pressures sometimes puts the Chief and his wife at odds, however, love, humor and a vigilant eye out for “Badge Bunnies” keep things interesting for this couple of lovebirds.





The next episode of the show will air at 9:30 p.m. on July 20 and the fourth is scheduled for 9:30 p.m. on July 27. Help support the Trinity PD in their efforts and tune in to watch Fat Cops on CMT this summer.




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  1. Pretty sure that the title change had to be approved through the Chief of Police since the whole show caused a big stink with the city to begin with! They only changed the name so they could act like the victim and get sympathy views!

  2. Great show, login this show. There is so much hatred in the world, great to see light hearted shows. KEEP EM COMIN!!!!!!!

  3. this will be the first and only time that I watch this show. this is pure idiocracy taking over. if you have a chance watch the movie. No way these are real cops

    • I’ll take this show over HONEY BOO BOO any day!!!!! I stopped in at the pizza shop there, and talked to Big Sexy for a couple of minutes. Really super good guy.

    • Every one of the officers on this show are the real officers of Trinity Tx. I have lived here 25 years and this is really how Trinity is. If you truly don’t believe it call and ask to speak to one of the officers they’ll call you,

  4. Enjoyed our visit with the Chief and Big Sexy on October 25, 2013. They are both great guys and made us feel at home. I hope they are not cancelled and picked up for another season.

  5. Xi called for ‘’all-out efforts” to bring the culprits to justice. In a statement, the Security Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security said that police will “crack down the crimes in accordance with the law without any tolerance.Sac Vanessa Bruno”

  6. Woooooowwwwwwww I hope this show gets canceled! Saddest police department I have ever seen in my life. They should all lose their jobs for being so fat, you should never be allowed to be a police officer being that bad out of shape. Truly a disgrace.

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