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The Houston County Historical Commission met at 2:00pm on Thursday, August 23, 2013 in the McConnell Room at The Crockett Bank.

The meeting was opened by Co- Chair, Tom Streetman with the pledges to the American Flag led by Cecil Miles and the Texas Flag, led by Cecil Miles. Pipp Gillette lead the singing of Texas our Texas.

Recognition of Guest – Bill West, Gary Coker, Erin Ford and James Patton Appointment of Parliamentarian – Donnita Patrick

Minutes – It was moved by Alice Jones and seconded by Sandy Sucec that the minutes from our last meeting be approved. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Wooten was absent, so the Treasurer’s written report was received & reviewed by those present. It was moved by Sandy Sucec and seconded by Carol Hoch that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. The motion passed.

Program – Gary Coker, Manager of Mission Tejas State Park gave a wonderful presentation on The El Camino Real De Los Tejas National Historic Trail, which goes through Houston County. This was the main route from Natchez, LA to Mexico City, about 2500 miles, used by all cultures. The Mission was established around 1690, the trail opened around 1763, with Moses Austin being one of the first recorded names to travel it. The Caddo Indians were some of the earliest Indians encountered, but artifacts from many others have been found, including the Kickapoo, who are believed to have led the massacre of the Eden and Madden’s families. Mission Tejas was the first Church in Texas, bringing Christianity to Texas. Mr. Coker also reported that in early Spring of 2014, they are planning on having an equestrian trail and mountain bicycle trail open, with the two rotating weekends. Anyone wishes to volunteer on this project, please feel free to contact him at Mission Tejas State Park.

Reports and information from Committees and Others:

  1. Markers/Marker Maintenance: a. Cecil Miles reported that he is still working on the marker for the Crockett Motel, which is next to the Moosehead on the Square.
  2. Tourism: a. Pipp Gillette reported we did not get the designation for The Texas Historic Commission of Arts. Fran Miles commented that she feels we do have empty buildings that could be used in a Cultural District, she had seen several good examples while on vacation. b. Fran Miles reported on Mission Tejas State Park upcoming events: August 24th, 1:00-3:00pm, Historic Sites Tour: Walk through 300 years of Texas History; August 31st 10:00am-12:00pm Geocaching 101: Using a GPS unit to find hidden treasure. Great family activity; September 7th 10:00am-3:00pm Art in the Park: Painting and drawing. Get inspired by Nature! One day, four different activities. All our programs are free, there is a $2.00 park entry fee for all 13 years and older. Mission Tejas State Park does have a Facebook page.
  3. Endangered Properties – Donnita Patrick reported there has been no report since December, 2011. Frances Welch, Chair of this committee is trying to get two other people to serve on this committee with her.
  4. Cemeteries – Carol Hoch reported the committee will be surveying Glenwood Cemetery in Crockett on a Saturday in early October. Anyone wishing to join us is most welcome. Tom Streetman reported he has the plot map almost ready, and he has photographed all the headstones. Donnita Patrick reported that Sondra Bryne will be responsible for entering the electronic data in the office for the cemetery book. Alice responded to Donnita’s statement that Sondra was now responsible for the cemetery book. Alice has been working on the cemetery book for four years. She expressed a concern that work is being duplicated due to lack of cooperation. Corrections and additions will be lost if we do not work together. Carol Hoch, head of the cemetery committee, stated she was unaware someone else had been assigned to update the cemetery book. She only furnishes information to Alice. Donnita’s response was that use of memory sticks were prohibited due to possible transfer of viruses. All further work will have to be done in the office by a scheduled volunteer. Neither Carol nor Alice had been informed of these changes.
  1. Oral History -Pipp Gillette reported that the PWFAA paid for the two DVD’s and donated them to our Library of Houston County 1837-2012, Celebrating 175 years. A special Thank You to Bryan Lake for his gracious donation.
  2. Volunteers – Donnita Patrick reported the purpose of having a specific scheduled Volunteer responsible for logged entries in all electronic phases is to comply in our documentation and reports for Austin, Lufkin and the Commissioner’s Court. We also utilize those willing to donate hours and accommodate our Annex Office calls and visits. We can no longer submit volunteer hours or inquiry contacts (visits, phone calls or email) on our annual reports without documentation. We must now comply by having hours documented on our time sheets, documented reimbursement travel sheets and visitor logs.

Members present: Pipp Gillette, Carol Hoch, Alice Jones, Cecil Miles, Fran Miles, Don Patrick, Donnita Patrick, Tom Streetman, Sandra Sucec, Charles Vest, and Hallie Wilmore. Non-members present: Gladys Hollan and Leroy Pickens.

Others: a. Mary Allen Partnership – Barbara Wooten was absent. Carol Hoch read her report: Barbara is working with a group of advisors to the Board. A fundraiser is planned for December for Capital funds, more information will be given later. Bids have been requested to mothball the building, as of today, no bids have been received. b. Texas Treasure Business Award – Donnita Patrick reported that 57 applications have handed out, with two complete ones returned. She would like to keep copies of all completed applications for our records. c. Related matters – Carol Hoch reported for Barbara Wooten A Family of the Land Book has not been ordered, she will work on ordering the book next week. c. Friends of HCHC – Donnita Patrick reported Our Friend group of the Houston County Historical Commission has been doing fund raisers for the group with entertainment and are having one this Saturday, August 25th at 6:00pm at Wayside Bible Church on Goliad Street.

Report on steps taken to improve security of computer files due to lost/missing data – Donnita Patrick reported that a password has been issued for the different computer files; Norman Moore should have the password for the office when he is finished with the update.

“Goals/Projects/Dreams” list and ask for volunteers – Donnita Patrick asked that we look over our goals. One being a Heritage Walk, Paul Stringer was working on this one; she called Connor Sign and was quoted $50 for an 8×11 sign.

Comments, Announcements, etc. – Judge Erin Ford announced the resignation of Paul Stringer as Chair and a member of the Houston County Historical Commission due to various reasons, which were not discussed during the meeting. Judge Ford will be addressing this in the next few weeks.

We are also saddened to learn Pipp and Guy Gillette’s father passed away last Monday. Our condolences to the family.

Cecil Miles moved we adjourn, seconded by Carol Hoch. Carol Anne Hoch, Secretary

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